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SAFe 6.0 Office Hour Webinar:
Lessons Learned from SAFe Implementations and Digital Transformation

In this webinar, we continued a series of conversations tailored to topics that are important to you. Listen in on our Office Hour webinar on “Lessons Learned from SAFe Implementations and Digital Transformation: Sharing Words of Wisdom.

The Agile Transformation
to Business Agility End Game

In this webinar, our Panelist, Aasim Shabazz and Vikas Kapila discussed transformation as a journey that Agilists embark on at various points in their careers. Agilists who have experienced enterprise-wide Agile transformations and strive to leverage the foundational constructs of business agility have, inevitably, encountered both triumphs and setbacks.

SAFe 6.0: Whats New in the Agile World and How Does it Impact Your WOW?

With the Launch of SAFe® 6.0, our panelists are starting a series of conversations focusing on the changes and new additions to its business agility framework. Our team of SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) will discuss the impact of the changes on your ways of working by posing the following questions: 

How prepared are you in your organization to implement the new framework?

How can the SAFe 6.0 framework help to alleviate some of your current challenges within your enterprise?

What aspects of SAFe 6.0 do you need to assist you in your role?

Webinar Series: Is Digital Transformation Still A Thing?

In our webinar series, “Is Digital Transformation Still A Thing?” Aasim Shabazz, Stewart Leader at iAskc had a series of conversations on the ongoing importance of digital transformation, along with the impact of AI automation and marketing on digital transformation. Also, strategies were discussed to cut through the noise of layoffs in organizations.

Download the transcript of this video below, if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us now.



Webinar Series Part III: Is Digital Transformation Still a Thing?

Webinar Description: In Part III of our webinar series, “Is Digital Transformation Still a Thing?” We had a dynamic conversation centered around the turning points in having a successful digital transformation when it comes to value streams, leading indicators, and OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). 

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