In-Person Workshops

Value Stream Mapping

Learn visualization basics for mapping out the value you deliver to your customers

Value Stream Mapping is a critical starting point for any business transformation and agility objectives. In our Value Stream Mapping workshop, learn the basics to quickly visualize and understand the techniques important for enhancing your business agility. You’ll walk away with learning the key steps for how to identify and map out the internal and external value you can deliver and what’s needed internally to make that happen.

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Story Writing Fundamentals

Learn what it takes to write effective, customer-centric user stories

In our Story Writing workshop, you will learn the key elements of telling good user and feature stories for various purposes and various stakeholders. This workshop can help you and your team keep the focus on the customer’s experience, enabling you to create clear, concise stories that will improve your chances of getting your message communicated effectively. Better teamwork, customer satisfaction, and business value.

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Mastering Story Writing

Gain expertise in user story writing with organizing strategies

In the iAskc Mastering Story Writing workshop, we’ll teach you even more about building powerful user stories including ways to organize them. Through our interactive activities, you’ll learn ways to capture key information for features, split stories in various ways, and use stories to inform decision-making. You’ll also gain skills to enhance your story messaging across various stakeholders–internally and externally. (*If you’re new to story writing, we recommend taking our Story Writing workshop).

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Build-in Quality Definition of Done

Ensure your products are high quality and define what done looks like from the very beginning

When it comes time to release your product, you want to feel confident your product is of the highest quality. In this workshop, you’ll take a systems-thinking perspective to learn how to establish your quality assurance standards/acceptance criteria, outline product completion requirements for creating a thorough Definition of Done (DoD) and explore key considerations for preventing defects and delays.

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Mastering Relative Sizing

Sharpen your estimation skills with advanced relative sizing strategies

With our Mastering Relative Sizing workshop, you will learn how to effectively estimate he completion of tasks and user stories through grouping strategies. This technique is an important tool for anyone looking to be a part of an agile team. With this training, you will gain the knowledge and skills to work with your team more easily and efficiently while still meeting deadlines. 

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Relative Sizing Fundamentals

Ensure accurate estimations for tasks and deliverables

In any agile project, accurate estimation is key to success. This training will teach you how to do relative sizing, a valuable estimating technique that will help your teamwork more effectively together. You’ll learn how to group tasks and user stories together in order to make more accurate estimates, and how to use your team’s baselines for estimation to improve accuracy. With this training, you’ll be able to estimate the completion of tasks and user stories, equipping you to be a high-performing, agile team member.

In-Person Workshops Coming Soon

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