Digital Transformation

Essential SAFe®

Start your digital transformation journey with Essential SAFe®, the foundation of taking agile development to scale

Introducing Our Essential SAFe® Solution! Taking your digital transformation to scale shouldn’t be daunting. With our Essential SAFe® solution, we guide you in laying the foundation to build agile teams, roles, and activities in a way that strengthens your effectiveness and workflows. Essential SAFe® is based on the latest release of SAFe®, and provides the training you need to get your transformation off the ground. 

Large Solution SAFe®

Orchestrate complex work across large numbers of teams and optimize end-to-end value flow

If you’re a team within a large enterprise or business, chances are you’re most likely coordinating a lot of moving pieces–from working with various suppliers to collaborating across a number of teams–managing numerous elements can be a challenge sometimes. If you want to adopt effective, digital transformation solutions for your most complex challenges and reduce costs, the iAskc Large Solution SAFe® is just for you. 

Portfolio SAFe®

Simplify and organize your business goals for powerful strategy alignment

The industry’s most widely used Lean-agile methodology for scaling up agile development–now for your business! Simplify your digital transformation with the help of the most widely implemented and trusted Lean-agile methodology for scaling up agile development. Portfolio SAFe® provides the needed structure and guidance to help you organize your business priorities, productively manage various value streams, infuse accountability, and establish alignment between your business strategy and implementation. 

Lean-agile Center of Excellence

Build your agile team of SAFe® experts with ease

Build Your Lean-agile Center of Excellence with the Help of iAskc! If you’ve business has already committed to using the SAFe® framework for its digital transformation, now it’s time to infuse and embed it sustainably–you need a Lean-agile Center of Excellence (LACE). With our Lean Center of Excellence solution, you can build out your agile team of SAFe® experts quickly and easily, with all the insight and skill-building needed to get started. Contact us today to learn more!

SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management

Lead and manage your portfolios more effectively for optimal value

Reduce risk and costs while increasing agility with Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). Through the duo of powerful digital transformation and lean principles, your organization or business can manage your portfolios more effectively, collaboratively, and in a customer-centric way. With the right tools in place, your team can improve your decision-making process and get the most value out of your portfolios.

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